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The First Advent this year falls on the 29th of November, a Sunday. I have to hurry and start baking some cookies. OK, so I have enough German cookies, but they are store-bought. And besides, those cranberries look so festive and delicious. Ever had any Cranberry Christmas Cookies before?

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ANOTHER plant that makes its appearance together with the Poinsettia during the Holiday Season is the Amaryllis, also known as the Belladonna Lily. Flower shops carry them as a bulb with a stem just emerging, and by Christmas, the plant should be in full bloom, with a flower, or two, even three if you’re lucky. You can also get Amaryllis bouquets, bound with Christmas greens. Red is the most popular, as it is the colour of Christmas. I prefer the pink ones.

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Butter Stollen

In Germany, the shops and supermarkets have been gently hinting, since the beginning of October,  that Christmas is just around the corner. The shelves are stocked with the traditional Christmas cakes and cookies – the most popular being the Butter Stollen, a loaf-shaped, heavy, sweet yeast cake-bread made with clarified butter, raisins and candied fruits; and Zimt Sterne,a cinnamon-spiced cookie shaped like a star with a chocolate or white sugar icing.

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