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Fall Highlights 2010 – Yankee Doodle


Yankee Doodle came to town
Driving his vintage Plymouth . . .

One of the memorable events organized by the City of Leer Marketing Group on 4th September 2010 to attract shoppers was an American Car Day. It drew quite a crowd into the cobble-stone paved historic part of the City with an impressive display of sleek fin-tailed cars that took up most of the parking spaces meant for tiny Fiat Pandas or trusty VW Golfs and Polos.

Young children accompanied by their grandparents gazed, round-eyed, at the out-sized automobiles which they have only seen in films. Enthusiasts shook their heads unbelievably at the virgin state of the engines, kept impeccably clean by their proud owners some of whom were still wiping off invisible specks of dust or lovingly polishing chrome fittings that had already been given a triple spit and shine.

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